Dear Raymond (solo performance) + Dear Butt (Polaroid Installation)

a recovering journey


-Dear Raymond-
This work is about my journey & my survival. I decided to move on with my life with courage, but by no means do I want to forget the nightmare that I experienced in 2013. That is why I challenge myself to undergo it again in the solo. In doing so, I can connect & apologize to the old me – the best way I know how – through  dance performance.

Still to this day, the speedboat driver has not apologized for his action. Due to political & financial troubles, I refrained from filing a lawsuit. I believe, through art this case will be heard! I aim to be strong & inspiring in this performance, so that those who come in contact with “Dear Raymond” can obtain strength & perseverance.

Positive, Love & Passion.

-Dear Butt-
1st August 2013, the left side of my butt muscle was cut off by the propeller of the speedboat while I was canoeing in Tioman Island,Malaysia. I survived. I had done more than 10 reconstructive operations. The doctors had to make skin transplants,muscles transplants, blood vessel transplants & intestine operations etc. Though my body is full of scars I am able to dance again. The Butt has become a sensitive matter for me after the accident. This installation serves as a part of my solo research & as a part of my healing process. I lost my butt & I miss it very much.

Hang On Little Tomato by Pink Martini

Solo research during the “Choreographic Dialogues” residency   program with dialogue partner, Verena Billinger at PACT in 2015.
Premiere at “Es wird sogar schön” in Essen.
Performed at P-Bodies#1 in Leipzig, Unitanz in Lecce, RAW ARTS SPACE in Kuala Lumpur  and G-SIX STUDIO in Johor Bahru .

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Photo Credit : Ng Chor Guan