The Edge

PRISMA 2017-International Contemporary Dance Festival of Panama


A haunting piece created on the edges of life. One peers through the darkness, hiding behind the fear to be seen. There is too much not to be exposed. Still the curiosity pierces through, what goes on with the world out there? Could others take my place? Would I let them?


Different voices of survival. At times aloof, distant. At times deafening, frantic. A perfectly normal person, how desirable. To be or not to be in the limelight, with the world demanding something of you, every passing moment. Finally, the desire, to live on, lives on…

Don’t let me drown.
Synopsis by Shann Rann

Ching-Yu,Chi, Luiza Braz Batista
Cagdas Ermis, Wladi Bondarenko
Ng Chor Guan
Rodolpho Leoni
Folkwang Tanz Studio
Anne Bentgens
Reinhard Hubert
Cheer Chen
Premiere 2014, mix-billed performance with David Hernandez & Mandy Huo
D’motion International Dance Festival 2014 – Programme D: d’Next Choreographer Exchange, was supported by the Goethe-Institut Malaysia and the Royal Arts Gala Fund in cooperation with Rimbun Dahan, my performing arts agency and JKKN.