With humor and some dark magic, the german-malaysian Duo creating a Mermaid. The two dancers explore the implications of this “hybrid creature” concerning movement, narration and gender.
MERMAID is an attempt at creating a monster. The two Performers develop in a dancing symbiosis the movement potentials of unity and fusion of two bodies functioning as an entity. They investigate the figure of the mermaid considering its partly dark historic roots as well as its relevance in today’s pop culture. A dance piece emerges that connects a refelction of geopolitic questions of the limits of personal freedom with a humoristic movement research and an appeal to a lust for imagination.

CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE: Raymond Liew Jin Pin, Jascha Viehstädt
DRAMATURGY: Isabelle Wapnitz
SUPERVISING: Signe Koefoed
MUSIC: Klank Avonture Van Mmabolela Wildsplaas by Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace)

P-Bodies Festival #2
LOFFT – Das Theater, Leipzig